"Killer Tumbleweeds" Roll into Clovis, New Mexico

Tumbleweeds are attacking the good people of Middle America.  More than 150 citizens are dead, 10,000 head of livestock destroyed (not counting chickens and sheep), and  300,000 children from Middle America are suffering Killer Tumbleweed Trauma.  Rumor has it Middle

American University scientists altered tumbleweeds to kill desert-dwelling terrorists.  But something goes wrong, terribly wrong with these blood-thirsty weeds. The U.S. government remains mysteriously mum as the whole world watches the horror unfold on the internet. 

This scenario comes from the inspired minds of the McCain Brothers. who grew up on a windy farm near Bovina, Texas. This is the first movie produced by the brothers, who are also actors, singer-songwriters and broadcasters.  Ben said, "This is our first little movie shot around the world with no budget.  We called in a lot of favors from talented people we know on different continents.  It took us 5 years to complete the project."  Butch adds, "You'll never look at a tumbleweed the same again."

The movie will make its New Mexico Premiere in Clovis Saturday April 4th at 7pm.   Tickets are now available at the Allen Theatre Box Office.

The Brothers warn movie-goers, "If you don't have a sense of humor, have been called an intellectual, or if you might be offended by tumbleweeds attacking human beings, we encourage you to stay away from this screening.  In fact, don't even drive by the theatre."

This film is not rated. There is no profanity or nudity, but the tumbleweeds do attack people and there will be blood. 

Numerous local residents appear in the film including Bovina Mayor Stan Miller, Bovina banker Jeff Steelman, fiddler Scott Steelman,  Ken Jamerson, Kyle Jamerson, Jordan Jamerson, Derek Jamerson, Jessica Jamerson, Mike Ware, Matthew Ware, Luke Ware, Matt Young, Ruben Chavez, Jesse Arias, Rose McCain and the late Leslie McCain.

Former CNN anchor Bella Shaw plays a news anchor based in New York and former Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Turpen is the Senator from Middle America.

Ben McCain of Los Angeles plays World Wide Independent News Network anchor Brock MacDonald.  Butch McCain plays the role of Billy Joe MacDonald, sheriff of Middle America. 

The film has had two previous screenings in Oklahoma City and South Pasadena, California.  

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Fans can catch the McCain Brothers in the new Bruce Campbell film, "My Name is Bruce" available on DVD.  The brothers also wrote and performed the comedy's theme song, "The Legend of Guan Di."

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